Creative Minds

If you would feel it a way inside, you could say it is like you had an orgasm! What it would take to create a new world, far from countries, far from ilusions, filled with beauty and freedom of living! Imagination has the purpose, as your existance, find it!

TCOTPE project is open for everyone who feels a new world coming, who feels the purpose, everyone that wants to keep the life on the Earth as it is meant to be.

  • Green
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Air
  • Healthy Food
  • Freedom
  • Peace

Expertise & Beliefs

Our expertise and beliefs started to make the real sense once we got in direct and practical contact with nature. The only one that has ability to go over all human destruction. We have choose to follow what Nature requires, we have learned to feel and give, learned to respect the life giving vibration, that needs us as we need it.

A just balance is One!

We do have many worlds, just one Planet Earth that we know for now. We are inviting you to join us and spread the vibrations of the life changing energy!

  • Zero Energy Cost
  • Zero Pesticide
  • Zero Polution
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Monsanto
  • Hundred Percent Organic
  • Recycling at maximun
  • Hundred percent Self Sustainable


In the capital, what have been done since 2016

1 Reforestation
1 Fish
1 Lemon trees
1 Bees